Jan. 4

Amidon native makes long trips pay off on mat - Senior Tate Nordby came home for the first time Dec. 6 and he brought a few friends from Dickinson with him.

For years, the Amidon native has spent his winters on the road every afternoon, leaving New England for the drive to Dickinson. Then he would have to drive home -- to Amidon.

That has been how Nordby has spent every winter for years.

All the miles.  All the workouts.  All the competitions. All of that has paid off for the senior.

He placed fourth a year ago at the state championship tournament, wrestling at 152 pounds.

The senior got the benefit of all those hours on the mat and on the road.

Brannon offers faculty retention proposal - Earlier in the school year, Bowman County received a gift of $25,000. Associate Superintendent Steve Brannon immediately began requesting those funds be used to help retain current staff at the Bowman County Schools. Brannon began looking at ways to use that money to help current teachers with their student loans.

Battle brewing with state over plans to close New England women’s facility - The justifications used for closing the Dakota Womens Correctional and Rehabilitation Center in New England announced by Gov. Doug Burgum Dec. 6 are wrong. That is the response by the current warden, Rachelle Juntunen, to public statements by the governor, Doug Burgum, and the lieutenant governor, Brent Sanford. Juntunen said the state recently signed a contract to remain open through 2025. The warden said that the reasons claimed for the proposed closure were not accurate.

Jan. 11

Eberle sworn in as sheriff - On Monday, Dec. 31, Frank Eberle was sworn in as the new sheriff of Bowman County at the courthouse.  “This is a very special day for me,” Eberle said. “My father is retired law enforcement and replacing a man of 24 years, Rory Teigen who is a mentor of mine is tremendously exciting. The brass that I had put on my collar today was Rory Teigen’s. Being my mentor, that was tremendous to me.”

Sarsland named Foundation winner - His dad is his mentor. He has spent his fair share of time helping his father and grandpa on their ranches — and now — Caleb Sarsland is eager to own his own cows.  “I would like to see what it would be like to fill out papers, see the liabilities, assets and profits, work the cows, see them raise their calves, feed them, and receive the checks,” Sarsland said in an essay to Dakota Community Bank and Trust as part of the Foundation Female Program.  

Dakota Dental approaches first anniversary - Bowman has been smiling a little brighter lately. Over the past year, the Dakota Dental Center has become a staple in the area.

Jan. 18

Rural counties plan to fight betrayal - For John Plaggemeyer, there is a sense of betrayal when it comes to the womens correctional facility on Main Street in New England. The Dakota Womens Correctional and Rehabilitation Center has provided a vital economic hub in the small town along the northern edge of Hettinger County for 15 years. Now, just a few short months after he made a tour of the facility, Gov. Doug Burgum has targeted it for closure. They may have a fight on their hands and against a bigger foe than just a small city of less than 700 people. The state officials may find they will be facing six counties and the state legislators who represent them.

Mahon charges dropped - The state of North Dakota and Dave Mahon have reached a settlement, resulting in the four charges against Mahon being suspended for 365 days — at which time, if Mahon has not committed a felony, misdemeanor or infraction, those charges are officially dropped. "All my charges were dropped. I am moving on from this,” Mahon said in a written statement. “I have so much to be thankful for. My faith in God grows stronger every day. May God bless all of you."

Jan. 25

Empowering leaders redefines leadership - Leader can be a daunting word. Most people associate it with only big things; leading a company, president of an organization, or bosses. Truthfully, people step into leadership roles regularly and don’t even realize it. Individuals that are learning, empowering others to be or do better and contributing positively to the community around them are leaders. The 2019 Empowering Leaders program will redefine the perception of leader beginning on Jan. 22. Each of the seven programs offered throughout the year will focus on further developing skills, provide applicable learning, and create a unique way to engage in our community.

School board approves staff retention program - The Bowman County School board approved the staff retention scholarship program Monday, Jan. 14, which included a cap of $25,000. The vote was unanimous. Associate Superintendent Steve Brannon said the purpose of the program is to provide some assistance to the current staff so they will in turn, honor their commitment at Bowman County Schools. Brannon recommended an amount of $1,100 for each teacher in the program and said this could be a two or three-year program with the current funds.

Dickinson State winning the right way - The Dickinson State University football program currently has 105 student athletes — 75 percent hailing from the Billings to Bismarck area. Dickinson State Bluehawks coach Pete Stanton visited rotary in Bowman to give an update on the football program. Last year, Dickinson State had approximately 11 all-conference players and approximately eight of them were from Montana and North Dakota. “The heart of our recruiting area is Billings to Bismarck, everywhere north and south,” Dickinson State Bluehawks head coach Pete Stanton said. “There are 45 athletes on our team from the Montana and over 30 now from North Dakota, including (former Bowman County Bulldog) Tristen Peterson and Isaiah Kludt from Hettinger.”

Feb. 1

Mainspace to welcome collaborators in October 2019 - Mainspace will be a new community conference, education, and technology center opening in Bowman County Development Corporation’s (BCDC) space. The BCDC received a $99,500 USDA Grant for funding with a completion date set in October 2019. This space will assist with the development of small and emerging businesses by providing affordable access to technology, space for entrepreneurs and businesses, and offering job training, professional development, and educational opportunities.

Lorge gets certified - Dorene Lorge, an Assistant Vice President of Dakota Western Bank, recently received official notification she has passed the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) examination, as accredited by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  SHRM is the world’s largest HR professional society, representing 300,000 members in more than 165 countries.  

 Mountain lion’s trip ends in Bismarck neighborhood -  In late October, he was in the area south of Regent. But a winter trek across North Dakota ended Jan. 8 near Bismarck Municipal Ballpark. It may be about 90 miles by car, but the trip took almost three months for a young sub-adult male mountain lion which had made the mistake of being caught in a coyote trap near Regent. It made a bigger mistake in Bismarck. The trip and its life ended in the Bismarck residential area when police officers and officials from North Dakota Game and Fish decided to shoot the mountain lion citing “danger to the public and the proximity of homes,” according to a release by the Bismarck Police Department.

Feb. 8

Social Services organizes support group, provides help for suicidal kids - Bowman/Slope County Social Services has found a new way to support area children. Social Services has started a Girls Circle Group, beginning with the fourth grade Bowman girls. “We only had four girls in our first group,” Melissa Buchholz, Licensed Certified Social Worker, said. “We wanted to test it out.” According to Buchholz, the curriculums used during the group sessions are evidence based and have been proven to work.

Winter travel cited as hazardous with polar vortex coming - Winters in North Dakota can be deadly.  That is the warning Dunn County Emergency Management's Denise Brew has issued online with the forecast of a series of strong storms dropping temperatures to dangerous levels in the near future.  And Hettinger County's Emergency Manager, Tracy Kruger, agrees that caution and common sense are important with travel when winter storms are forecast in North Dakota.

Bowman County Beach Team places fourth at East West Tournament, Jeffers finishes first - The Bowman County Beach wrestlers ended the weekend with 4th place as a team at the East West Tournament where they met up with twenty-four teams from across the state.  Beau Jeffers was a tournament champion at 220 pounds, followed by Clay Mattern who was a runner up at 170.  Other placers as the tournament were Alex Madrigal in third, DJ Martian and Tucker Strand sixth, Jacob Ruggles, Mitch Stuber and Nate Boehm in seventh..  

Feb. 15

Bowman Shopko to close - The employees at the Shopko in Bowman learned Wednesday, Feb. 6, that the store was closing. According to Scott Sola, store manager, the store is expected to close sometime in May. Sola said he informed the employees once he learned the news and a sense of shock was the main reaction.  

Bowman County 4H Competes at Roughrider Judging Contest -  The Bowman County 4H Livestock Judging team competed at the Roughrider Judging Contest Saturday, Feb. 2. The contest was held on the campus of Dickinson State University. Bowman County hand a strong start as they finished as the second-High Team in the Junior Division for the day. Bowman County’s only Senior judging team member, Abbi Steeke, competed with Golden Valley County and they placed fourth in the Senior Team division. Individually the team had success as well.  

Sheriff’s office seizes narcotics  - Wednesday, Feb. 6, the Bowman County Sheriff’s office executed a search warrant at 108 11th Ave., lot 33 in Bowman. According to Bowman County Sheriff Frank Eberle, narcotics as well as paraphernalia, was seized during the search. No names were released to the public.

Feb. 22

Jeffers claims state - Beau Jeffers Claimed the State Championship at 220 poumds this past weekend for the Bowman County Beach wrestlers. The team also placed five other wrestlers Alex Madrigal third, Clay Mattern third, Jacoby Mattern sixth, Jacob Ruggles eighth and Nate Boehm seventh.  Competition from across the state made for some exciting matches in the three-day tournament and as a team individually the Buccadawgs finished in sixth place.

Stafford reflects on 1,000-point milestone - There are many high-school athletes, but very few leave a lasting legacy. Ellie Stafford is one of those athletes that will always be remembered after she etched her name in the record books by scoring her 1000 th-career point versus Hazen. The Bowman County senior said it was a major goal of hers this year.  

Teacher retention program approved for two years - The Bowman County School Board approved the “Teacher Retention Program” Monday, Feb. 16, at the regular board meeting. Associated Superintendent Steve Brannan said the board authorized a $1,000 payment to qualified teachers to be paid directly to the principal on their student loans.

School board schedules special meeting   - A special board meeting has been called for Monday, Feb. 25. Items on the agenda include: superintendent applications, teacher negotiations, building projects and the preschool proposal. According to Associate Superintendent Steve Brannan, the superintendent application and teacher negotiations will be last on the agenda and will be held in executive session due to the sensitive nature of the topics.

Mar. 1

Violent offender apprehended in Bowman - Pedro Martinez was apprehended Thursday, Feb. 21, a block from the Community Cupboard in Bowman. According to Bowman County Sheriff Frank Eberle, Martinez had a probation, extraditable warrant from Nevada. Sgt. Doug Langhoff noted Martinez outside, shoveling snow from a vehicle in the street.  

Bowman Hosts Badlands Judging Contest and Career Development Events - On Saturday, February 16th, Bowman hosted the Badlands Livestock Judging Contest and Career Development Events. The All Seasons Arena hosted 4H and FFA contestants as they judged 8 different classes of livestock. Pifer’s hosted the FFA and 4H Agronomy contest and the FFA Ag Sales contest. In all the contests drew 117 contestants. This event took around 30 volunteers to make it happen. We would like to thank the volunteers, the Bowman and Scranton FFA Alumni, Pifer’s, the All Season’s Arena, and the producers who brought livestock in for the contestants to judge.  

Bill limiting law enforcement’s ability to access outbuildings quietly passes  - Republican Rep. Luke Simons, a rancher from Dickinson, said during a committee hearing that he was targeted by a “busybody” who called the sheriff multiple times with accusations of animal neglect. Simons said he got fed up with the calls and told the sheriff to get a warrant. “He said, ‘We don’t need a search warrant. This (outbuilding) is clearly over 60 feet from that house,’ ” said Simons, who was surprised to learn that the Fourth Amendment didn’t protect outbuildings on his property. Simon introduced House Bill 1290 to require law enforcement to get permission from a landowner or have a warrant to go onto property and search barns and other outbuildings unless they were responding to an emergency or otherwise had probable cause. The bill passed the House 64-29 on Feb. 19.

Mar. 8

Bowman County School District represented at State Capitol - Amy Burke, a kindergarten teacher at Bowman County, applied for a $2,500 grant to improve the quality education provided to her students. Burke was awarded that grant through Continental Cares. The grant helped Bowman County purchase an interactive teaching board to help improve the quality of education being provided to the students — the days of chalk boards are more suited for historical exhibits. Since that time, the state of North Dakota held a technology showcase, which was a spin-off of the original grant.

Bowman Sheriff’s Department executes arrest warrant - Shawn Larkin was appended at Cenex in Bowman. Sgt. Doug Langhoff and deputy Shaine Towe executed an arrest warrant that originated from Montana on Larkin for felony drug-related items. Larkin was transported to Southwest Multicounty Correctional Center in Dickinson.

Mar. 15

Rehab Visions to expand services - 2019 looks promising for Rehab Visions and Southwest Healthcare.  A partnership that began Dec. 1, 2018, Rehab Visions is a family-owned therapy company based out of Omaha, Nebraska. According to the Director of Rehabilitation Jennifer Jahner, the company offers a wealth of information and support within the therapy realm. “They offer education, resources,” Jahner said. “This is just a network that is right at your fingertips. It’s a big network of experts and if you need to reach out to them, you can. That is what we have felt here the most — the network of therapists.”

Injured owl sends man on 10-hour adventure in a blizzard - John Fielding loves living in a small town. He loves everything about it. But even he has to admit that when a representative from the Dakota Zoo came to southern Stark County near the Hettinger County border to release a bird, it was a happy ending to a three-month adventure. Fielding, who has a TSA job at the Dickinson airport, spotted something moving on the side of Highway 22 just a short distance away from the airport in mid-November. He stopped and turned around. What he found would add a long 10-hour road trip to his day in the middle of a blizzard. It was a Great Horned Owl.

Mar. 22

Gumke finds success on different continents  - Dennis Gumke was born in North Dakota. He graduated high school in 1981 and during that time period, according to Gumke, the biggest export in North Dakota was people; especially young workers. “The rest of the world wanted our work ethic I believe,” Gumke said. After high school, Gumke decided he wanted to travel and the best way for him to accomplish that feat was to join the military.  

Local author receives Spur Award - Earlier in March, local Adams County author Francie Berg opened her email to a pleasant surprise. Berg discovered that her publication, “Buffalo Heartbeats Across the Plains” had won the Western Writers of America 2019 Spur Award as the Best Western Juvenile Nonfiction Category. The Spur Award is an award to recognize western writers. According to the Western Writers of America website, the organization started in 1953 with a goal to promote the literature of the American West. Berg is widely known as humble person in her community. Even still, she said that she was thrilled to receive the award.

West River Health Services looks for more ambulance drivers - Maintaining an ambulance service has become a conundrum for many small towns and rural communities. Adams County depends on West River Health Services (WRHS) to provide ambulance services, and according to WRHS CEO Matt Shahan, the hospital is in need of more drivers. “We are looking for as many [drivers] as we can,” said Shahan. “We only employ one full time driver, and everybody else either has another full time job in the community or they are just on call for us.” The hospital needs drivers that are local and close to the ambulance garage, because, to comply with state law, on-call responders have to be within ten minutes of the ambulance garage.

Mar. 29

Jones overcomes cancer - Carolynne Jones was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 48. She came from a heritage that didn’t ask God why bad things happen. “We were born with guilt so it’s all just a matter of time,” Jones said. “But seriously, it was hard to digest those words.” Jones first reaction was “good night sweetheart, well it’s time to go.” However, one kind word — one glimmer of hope from the doctor — and her thinking changed. Maybe she could live, everybody doesn’t die from this disease.  

Classic Beauty now features men’s night - The Classic Beauty Salon now offers more than just a typical haircut, color and trimmings usually associated with a salon. The Classic Beauty Salon, which is owned by Bailey Mutchelknaus, offers a men’s night. “My vision is to have a little more man-friendly environment for our salon,” Mutchelknaus said.

Soehren arrested for court violation - Mark Soehren was arrested March 21, just west of town on a warrant related to a court order specifying conditions of his release, which dated back to Feb. 19. Soehren violated the terms of the court’s order specifying conditions of his release Feb. 22.

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