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Hello, I’ll start this week by wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.  And probably a Happy New Year!  Twas two nights before Christmas as I write this.

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The Christmas season is all but over. While Christmas is a time of remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, spending time with family and friends, not to mention the giving and receiving of gifts, we have to quickly shift our focus to the upcoming New Year. The New Year is always an exciting a…

Hello, Maybe you noticed that I didn’t get a column in last week. I apologize. It’s not my fault.

Since the very beginning the people of God (Christians and the church) have been asking how do we live in a society and culture that thinks Jesus is irrelevant to their lives at best or maybe even outright dismissive or hostile.

I need to confess to you all that November and December stress me out. It goes beyond the professional demands of this busy time and my annoyance at the phenomenon known as the “Christmas Creep”. I think part it is a result of all those extra holiday expectations. And I am guessing I am not …

Hello, December is a tough month for me. My notes are due at the bank. My calves are just weaned and usually I have to doctor a few that catch a cold after weaning.